In Front of the Camera, Hogsback (©Kate Rowntree)

In front of the camera, Hogsback

Roddy Fox

I have pursued my passion for photography since 2016 when I took early retirement from my career as a Geography academic at Rhodes University, South Africa and Högskolan Väst, Sweden. I guess you'd now call me a semi-professional photographer though I still use my mapping skills and online teaching experience. My first camera was a Zeiss Ikon, bought in 1974 from a second hand dealer in Glasgow. Today I am a big fan of the Olympus Micro Four Thirds mirrorless system. My landscape photography is about light, often dramatic and at low angles: forests, mist and clouds, townscapes, the night sky and lightning. I also take nature photographs - such as the lockdown sunbirds - and create sequences using overlay techniques. The Africa maps are a fusion of Geographical Information Systems techniques with typographic mapping and wall art styles. Lately I've been experimenting with light painting. 

I've had four solo exhibitions on the Fringe at South Africa's National Arts Festival - it’s held in my home town, Makhanda (formerly Grahamstown). My work has also been featured in travel and coffee table magazines and books. In social media the print news media regularly request my images. I designed my first photo-book Symmetry in Nature in 2015 and in December 2020 I produced a limited edition photo-book called Rhinos for The Grahamstown Project. The international anthology ‘For Rhino in a Shrinking World is a good early example of one of the web-sites that I've developed.

Selected Highlights:

Winner of the 2018 WESSA (Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa) Heritage Day Photo Competition with the image 'Oldenburgia.'

Winner of a Standard Bank Ovation Award for innovation and excellence at the 2020 National Arts Festival Fringe with the video Lord of Life.

#IAMMAKANA 2022 third place winner with the image 'Donkey Mural at the Cock House.'

Winner of the 2022 Hunters of Light Black and White theme with the image 'Amethyst Sunbird in Aerial Ballet.' 

Roddy Fox Photography, 1 Robinson Street, Grahamstown 6139, South Africa Tel: +27 (0)722582134 Email:

All of the images in the site are hosted by SmugMug and the dedicated printer is Loxley Colour who are based in Scotland. Print orders are then shipped to you globally. I shoot mostly at proportions of 4:3, sometimes 16:9 and 1:1 so you may lose some of the image if you select print sizes with different proportions. The preview in the site shows you just what you will get. If you opt to download an image and need advice either about selecting a print company in your area or what paper/media to chose then just send me an email - preferably with the name of the image included in the subject line. Thanks!